Writing an Original Essay

Writing an Original essay

Writing an original essay requires some various steps and techniques.  People who have had the passion or have ever written an essay have various guidelines which they follow to write a good original article. The steps are hard to follow for some people while to some writing an essay is easy.

Choose Topic

The first and the most important step described by writers is choosing an obscure topic. An obscure topic is one which nobody else has written about, if the topic is not given its always good to go for something individual, if it becomes difficult then its right for someone to go for something less known but goes to the point of explaining why the choice is important and worthy to be considered.

Defend Minority Opinion

After choosing a topic then defending a minority opinion becomes the next crucial step. This comes to play when it becomes hard to get a topic of interest. It is important for someone to give vivid explanations and support what he wants to write about. One should provide a reasonable amount of evidence to support and also give particular opinions in the essay; brainstorming is much emphasized.


Reading obscure scholarship is the next step recommended. This is where by one is expected to read more and do research on the topic of interest. Reading only the given material of reference makes different people have the same ideas hence convey the same in their paper. Wide reading differentiates your work from the rest hence earning more points than the others. Trying a different structure of essay is also recommended. This makes the work to be more original and has actual context. Rather than doing the same thing as the others one can experiment with a different way of structuring.

Other Steps

The other steps include, comparing the your work with the rest once after you finish like the English and literature used,  including photographs, charts and other illustrations is also recommended. Also the use of more advanced language and syntax is also a good thing to do. However, the use of analogy to explain concepts beautifies the work and gives it more sense.  Then last giving of opinion to an essay makes it more original. These are the major steps of writing a good original essay.

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