Write essay on analyze arrangement of classroom environment

You will then write a 2-3 page essay where you will analyze the arrangement of the classroom environment and evaluate why this type of environment could effectively meet the individual needs of children with autism. Based on your observations, you will write to write a 2-3 page essay discussing what modifications and visual supports have been utilized in the classroom environment so that children with ASD can actively participate in daily activities.
When writing your essay please be sure to:

A. Discuss the arrangements that have been made to the physical environment to assist children with ASD actively participate within the environment. What visual supports have been put in place to effectively prepare and guide children with ASD? How have sensory needs been addressed? How can these types of environmental modifications help children with ASD interact with their environment?

B. Based on what you have learned regarding the definitions and characteristics of autism, do you think the arrangement of the classroom in the video was appropriate? Why or why not? What changes or additional modifications would you make to this classroom that specifically serves children with autism? What additional visual and/or environmental supports may you have used or included to in this type of classroom setting?

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