Write essay analyzing visuals in term of their key component

Write an essay analyzing visuals in terms of their key components and context(s). Provide readers with background on your visuals. Then, using specific examples from the visuals, you are argue for an interpretation, discuss similarities, and draw attention to key differences among the visuals.
In your introduction, introduce your readers to the visual(s) that you’ll be analyzing-including the key components and context(s) that you’ll be using to analyze them-followed by a thesis that follows an appropriate thesis template where you argue for a certain interpretation of the visual(s). In the paragraphs that follow, discuss the key components and context(s) of the visuals, including common themes and important distinctions between the rhetorical strategies used. Finally, in your conclusion, sum up your argument and remind readers what’s at stake in your interpretation.

The structure of the essay might be as follows: 1) the first or first two paragraphs the visuals and their key components and context(s), 2) the next several paragraphs go over the specific key components and context(s) that support interpretation and analysis, and 3) finally, the last paragraph(s) sum up your argument and remind readers what’s at stake in your interpretation, perhaps connecting your analysis to key social issues and debates.

Tips: Each paragraph should have a clear topic sentence that presents what the paragraph is about. Your ideas should be well-reasoned and demonstrate mature sentence structure.

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