Write essay about renaissance in northern europe paint work

, essay MLA format about The Renaissance in Northern Europe paint work. My essay must talk about Michelangelo Buonarroti and the enormous David marble masterpiece, Rapheal-Madonna of the Meadows, and Leonardo da Vinci- Mona Lisa

Imagine that you are asked to describe the work to someone who cannot see it. For example, what do you see? How are the objects presented? What is the style of the work? Which messages do you believe it was meant to communicate? What does it communicate to a modern viewer? Does it stir emotions, offer a new perspective, or perhaps present a moral dilemma? Be sure to explain within the analysis why you have come to these assessments of the work. Which elements in each work of art have led you to your conclusions?

so you will need to make a case for your claims. Do not merely answer the questions in a sentence or two. Use examples, ideas, information, or narratives to help express your point of view and offer a clear analysis of the question. These should be fun essays to compose. If you use a source, you must cite it internally. Keep in mind that I am interested in seeing both an application of the concepts from our readings and also your personal interpretations, so please do use both. Your perspective is what makes the essay unique and helps me to see how you understand our course concepts.

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