Write an essay on the special person in my life

Write an essay on THE SPECIAL PERSON IN MY LIFE in which you Described a person, place, or object that has special meaning in your life or a particular moment or occurrence in your life that had special meaning to you.

You will complete this draft and turn in your final Personal Essay. Be sure to utilize one of the writing patterns described. The Personal Essay must be at least 1000 words (excluding the title page). Review the Example Personal Essay handout.

Your essay must include

A clear thesis statement in the introductory paragraph.

Specific details about the person, place, object, or event so that readers can visualize the subject and/or feel present in the story (i.e., your essay should be specific and appeal to the five senses).

A concluding paragraph.

As you are writing this essay, please pay attention to the areas that you struggled with in the Grammar Assessment and Practice Essay. Please also incorporate your instructor’s feedback on your journal assignments, your Week Three draft, and other activities completed throughout this course.

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