Write a reflective essayon personal development plan

Assessment Title: Personal Development Plan-Reflective Essay
Assessment Length: 2500 words

Assignment Brief: The student chooses a well-recognized “leader” or a person he/she considers as a leader and reflects on this person’s role in the context of leadership theory. Students are expected to develop their own assessment of their chosen leader, by answering why they have chosen this particular leader; critically analyse the leader’s personality, achievements and his/her impact (for example what changes has he/she triggered). This assessment must be made with reference to the Leadership Theory (at least two) as well as with students’ own personal philosophy of leadership and actual experiences. In doing so, students should analyse the steps they suggest to take in order to further develop their leadership qualities and focus around topics such as ethical decision-making, gender, team building, strategies, and group roles and culture where the particular leader acted in.

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I want the leader to be Bill Gates. The format of the essay should be like this

Introduction- Background info about the leader.

Main Body- Leadership theories analysis, real life examples of the leader in correlation with theories discussed.

Discussion- Small reflection of leadership traits discussed and impact upon myself.

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