Write a paper on cold war ran from the end of world war ii

The following essay should contain 1,250 words. The discussion should flow and it should sound like an essay/paper

This is the main idea of the paper: Discuss the evolution of liberalism and conservatism through the Long 19th Century. (The questions shown are a guide to the essay)

Begin with origins and principles of liberal ideology based on philosophies of Enlightenment and Scientific Revolution. What lessons did French Revolution provide in the struggle of liberalism and conservatism of the Old Regime? What new synthesis of liberalism and conservatism offered Napoleon, 1799-1915?

Discuss the Post-Napoleonic era and Restoration, 1815-1848. In what ways was the Old Regime restored and conservatism triumphed? In what ways did liberalism continue to spread? What role did Indistrial Revolution play in the rise of classical liberalism?

Discuss Revolution of 1848 and how it was both the triumph and failure of liberalism? What role did liberal nationalism play in the Revolution of 1848?

Discuss German and Italian Unification. How and why conservatives hijacked nationalist agenda?

Discuss further evolution of liberalism to the left and conservatism to the right after German unification. What role did socialism and anti-modernism play in it?

Discuss the origins of world War I What role did liberalism and conservatism play in it? Which of the two ideologies are primarily to blame for the war? Was the war able to solve any of the structural problems of bourgeois-liberal society?

How did the rise of fascism and stalinism follow from the battles of World War I? In what ways did they attempt to solve problems of the previous century? why did they fail?

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