Why We Get Fat:and what to do about it

Why We Get Fat:and what to do about it
Gary Taubes Anchor; 2011

OBJECTIVE ( 1 page )
Author’s Background Briefly introduce us to who the author was leading up to and at the time their book was published, with facts that illuminate the author’s motivation.
Note that in this context, the author’s expressed like or dislike, concern, or values are facts. In contrast, in this context, your likes, dislikes, concerns, and values are not facts. (Who the author became after the book was published does not belong here under Author’s Background.)
The Old Vision Briefly describe the generally held view or idea or set of ideas that the author is seeking to change. The Author’s New Understanding Briefly describe the new vision or ideas, the alternative framing of the issues, that the author is bringing forward.
Book’s Impact Very briefly describe the impact this book has had. This can be a simple statement of the author’s original or visionary ideas that are now, or on the way to becoming cliches or truisms in popular culture. This also is an appropriate place to mention how the publication of this book changed the author’s life or career.

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