Which one is the most common scheduling technique

Which one is the most common scheduling technique
1) Which one is the most common scheduling technique?

a) Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT)

b) Precedence Diagram Method (PDM)

c) Graphical Evaluation and Review Technique (GERT)

d) Milestone charts

2) PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique) forms basis of

a) Controlling

b) Planning

c) Planning & controlling

d) Planning & predicting

3) Dummy activities are represented by

a) A line

b) A dotted line

c) An arrow

d) A hole

4) What forms the basis of network re planning?

a) PERT chart

b) Slack time

c) Critical path

d) Earliest start time

5) The latest allowable starting date must be calculated from

a) Start to Finish

b) Finish to Start

c) Start to Middle

d) Finish to Middle

6) Which one is not an assumption of estimating activity time?

a) Most optimistic completion time

b) Most pessimistic completion time

c) Most un- likely completion time

d) Most likely completion time

7) For expected values, variance is used for

a) Comparison

b) Calculation

c) Estimation

d) Identification

8) Which one is the primary objective on a schedule?

a) Low cost

b) Best time

c) More risk

d) Short time

9) Cost estimating relationship is the output of

a) Cost model

b) Cost structure

c) Pricing estimation

d) Pricing

10) The pricing-out of the work breakdown structure provides the basis for

a) Project cost

b) Communication

c) Cost model

d) Estimation

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