Web site comparison

Web site comparisonChoose two Web sites and write a 600 word essay meeting the following criteria.
• The essay will be contained within an HTML document.
• The HTML document should be valid according to a W3C validation tool, semantically correct, well organized, and contain the following HTML elements: DOCTYPE, html, head, title, body, article, section, header, nav, ul, li, aside, p, a, br, blockquote, footer, img, address, time, strong, em, cite, abbr, small, and ARIA landmark roles.
• Include a section comparing and contrasting the semantic elements of each chosen site and a description of whether or not the elements are semantically appropriate for the content.
• Include a section describing the chosen sites’ design in relation to the following concepts:
o Contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity, color, typography, writing style.
o Usability: content, ease of use, relevance, unique.
• Include a section which focuses on the performance of each site and describe ways in which they have been improved or could be improved further.
• Include a section describing the chosen sites’ accessibility and validity according to the W3C validation tools and ARIA.
• Include a section summarizing the overall findings between the two chosen sites.
This essay should be contained within a valid (according to a W3C validator) and semantically accurate HTML document. Attach file into the assignment link (See Seminars tab > Assignment Submissions for further details).

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