Types of structures for delivering a message

Provide an overview or three kinds of ‘structures’ for delivering a message: tell/sell, Q/A, consult/join. What structure would you say this presentation follows? Support your answer by giving examples from the speech 2. An effective opening is important for all kinds of verbal communication as noted in the Audience Memory Curve. Show what main points are stated mainly at the start of the speech to make it an effective opening 3. The tone of a speech is based on the pace, emotions and volume and words used to convey the message. Show how did the “tone” of this speaker impact your listening/reception/ perception of the words being spoken? Show what words and tones contribute to your opinion? 4. Nonverbal communication gives to the delivery of a message. What kinds of gestures do you think the speaker used during this speech? Did they improve the delivery, or distract from the delivery? Give examples to support your opinion

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