Topic: Theoreticaly Explaining Post Traumatic Stress

Topic: Theoreticaly Explaining Post Traumatic Stress

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Final Assignment
Choose a symptom (e.g., depression), disorder (e.g., personality disorder), or problem (e.g., family
violence) in which you are interested, and discuss it from at least two explanatory theoretical perspectives.

The use of object relations theory will satisfy the requirement, since you should utilize an integrative approach, i.e., at least three theorists here (e.g., Fairbairn, Bowlby, Winnicott, etc.) Behavioral and cognitive theories count as one.

I prefer that you not use Eriksonian theory as that was covered
extensively in the first year.

Other theories from the first year are acceptable with the expectation that
they will be written at the more advanced second year level. Please check with me if you have any

A section on neurobiology is also required.
A small treatment section (2–3 page) is also required. Be sure the treatment flows from your theoretical perspectives.
You may not use the same topic for this paper that you use for your Practice paper.

Diversity issues must also be included. You don’t have to cover them all, but you do need to demonstrate an awareness of how these factors (class, gender, culture, race, sexual orientation) may impact upon
your subject (e.g., women who have been incested and the relationship to borderline personality disorder

An A paper demonstrates an integration of assigned readings, class lectures, and your own research.

Internet resources should be limited to three sites and the websites clearly identifying the subject.

Please be sure these are reputable sites (e.g., Cochrane or Campbell Collaborations, Medscape) and preferably
peer reviewed. While Wikipedia may be a starting point for some research, the information it contains
should be verified through other sources.

Please demonstrate original thinking wherever possible. You
may use a case or small vignettes to illustrate the concepts, but please remember this is not a practice paper so a vignette should be no more than one page.
Papers will be graded not only on content but on writing style as well. In other words, papers should be
well written, well organized, and concepts clearly articulated.

15–18 pages; double-spaced
Use normal fonts (nothing smaller than the type on this sheet, please!) and normal margins. APA
style is required (which includes headings).
At least 15 references are required.

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