Topic: Personal Statement

Topic: Personal Statement

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ESCP Europe to a graduate program, MSc in Marketing & Creativity.  visit the link to acquire more about the program and school (

Below are questions and some brief answers for the application process – please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss answers:

1.Please describe your position/responsibilities (Max 200 words)

I am a Marketing Junior Analyst at EastNets company (Please revise attached resume for reference)

2. Please describe your most important work experience in a customer-related activity, such as marketing, sales, retail, services, or in the creative industries and what you learnt from it. (Max 200 words)

(Please revise my resume for reference and learn about the company EastNets ( to answer this question)

While working at EastNets as a Junior Marketing Analyst – our customer interactions are events, so I would like to talk about SIBOS ( and ABTEC Abu Dhabi ( and interacting with customers (Financial institutions/banks) during these events, also i would like to talk about customer interactions through social media. (Note for the writer: Mainly these are my customer-related interactions because in the company EastNets its only sales and CS that are allowed to contact the customer directly our feedback on the customer comes from them )

3. Please describe an experience (related or unrelated to your professional life) where you found a creative approach to solving a problem, addressing a complex situation, or generating new ideas. (Max 200 words)

(Please revise the company hill+knwolton strategies ( and my resume for reference and further elaboration/editing to my below answer and the below PRL link in regards to the event that took place for the customer (Yahsat) i was working with – if you have further suggestions or a different way to answer PLEASE do advise me, please help with this )

While working at Hill+Knowlton, I had to come up with a campaign to get children involved as well as drive Arabic/English media to one of our biggest clientele, the regions leading satellite service operator Yahsat.

I suggested creative ideas for children to participate in, as it was the holly month of Ramadan it was a great opportunity to suggest the learning of the moon and astrology as it plays an important part in the Islamic religion. (Please highlight that i took lead in this)

I found a creative approach by suggesting that we bring a unique experience for the children in a mobile planetarium and have interactive activates so that they can be educated about the stars and the universe in a fun attractive way.

My team members agreed to this plan a and took it forward and successfully launched the mobile planetarium and drove the Arabic/English media and successfully got a lot of coverage in both Arabic and English.

4. What do you consider to have been your most significant achievement to date (either as working experience or other experiences)? Please describe it and explain why. (Max 200 words)*

(Can you suggest an answer to this? – i am free to speak on the phone or to answer any of your questions)

Would truly appreciate your support and guidance with this!

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