Topic: Bedside shift report Module

Topic: Bedside shift report Module
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Instructional Module Part I Worksheet

Topic : Bedside shift report. Your response for each element should be at least 150 words. identify the objectives of the training, the intended participants, where the training will occur( in the hospital), and how the training will occur (face to face, role play, demonstration repeat demonstration etc.). This week’s assignment requires us to fill out the handout with a min of 150 words per section.

please see the attachment . for more information
Delivery modality (such as online, hybrid, and face-to-face)
Module outline, including estimated time allotment
Icebreaker or attention-getter
Detailed input of content

• Create an outline detailing the content of the lesson
• Focus on what learners need to know.

This paper is the ultimate test of what you learned this semester; the more specific, articulate and relevant your work, the higher your grade; generalities, broad statements, disorganization, typos and lack of thoughtful examination of the topic within the context of this class will not count in your favor.

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