toms pitch

toms pitch
Answer this two Q that for Advertising Campaign Report and both this Q depend in the big idea
-300 word for each Q-.
First, Q.B a Message Structure (How will you present your message? Order of your arguments? One or two sides? Verbal of visual? Explain how the structure affects your consumer)
-In this Q you should to mention our big idea and explain it and the
– explain our big idea “People will know about some good people who buyToms product to help the poor people in Africa”explain the idea when we will buy from toms we show to other we are good person
– Explain verb and non-verb in the ad, you’ll find many examples in ppt. Also, you will talk about the colors (brown) on the ad and the slogan
– Explain we choose on side that is good side
-Explain the order of presentation we use on all advert the direct way to understand the message

Second, Q.C Source Characteristics (Will you be using any in-advert sources? What characteristics do they need? Credibility? AttractivenessWill you use a celebrity, company representative or regular model? What did you consider? How will these characteristics affect the processing of the advert?)
– In this Q the model that will choose it –taim alfalasi- famous girl in istagram- search about it -you will talk about her in specific why we choose this model, about how will effect our ad, also, you will write that she support our idea by post her picture when she meet the poor children on a istgram

– some visual supporters such as well-known people in the country famous in Instagram like Tim Alaflasi who is the same age of social media users and she is a familiar for them in Instagram

– explain how its relvent to our idea by showing to other she is good person by buy from toms

Remember to discuss relevant theories of motivation and persuasion throughout to reinforce your decisions. For instance, how will you persuade? what factors will you use to grab attention? and what will you use to get them to interpret your message correctly?

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