Titanic 1997 – text analysis

Titanic 1997 – text analysiswrite about the movie Taitanic 1997 . take part or a scene from the movie Please make 10 percent of the essay a summary and 90 percent from it text analysis. please read all the files that i have attached to you. please do you best i need to get an A.THIS is an example of a text analysis essay. *( http://michaelasenglish101portfolio.weebly.com/text-analysis.html ). 1-Well-developed examples, details, and facts based on a close reading of your text and additional research, each selected and organized to support your main points 2-A strong conclusion that sums up insights based on your analysis and research 3-An awareness of an audience outside this class 4-Correct MLA in-text citations and a Works Cited page (see guidelines in Easy Writer) 5-Voice—showing your personality and avoiding stuffy language while still being professional 6-Format—using headings, correct font (size 12, Times New Roman), etc. 7-Proofreading—avoiding little mistakes that make great writing look messy!

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