Time Management and Your Learning and Communication Style

Time Management and Your Learning and Communication Style
Time management in online learning is a challenge for many students. Think about areas where you might experience your greatest time management challenges. What strategies might you employ to overcome them? Additionally, if you discovered challenges in your learning communication style, what strategies might you apply to overcome those as well?
To Prepare: Download one of the three self-assessments (personal time management, communication style, or learning style) provided in the Learning Resources.
Note: In grading every required Journal entry, your Instructor uses a Journal Rubric. Review the Rubric prior to completing your Journal entry. Document: One Part Journal Assignments Rubric (Word document)
To Complete: Take the self-assessment. Get your results. Explain and analyze what you learned about your time management, learning style, or communication style (depending on the assessment you took). Record what strategies you might employ to mitigate challenges you found in your time management skills, learning style, or communication style.

Here are the quizzes: http://www.newlineideas.com/personal-time-management-quiz.html

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