thermal fluids “engineering”

Develop a computer finite difference code to calculate the 1-D steady state temperature distribution along a silicon cylinder of a constant cross-section with a heat generation source and with two ends at fixed temperatures. The cylinder is subject to convection cooling on its side surface. Your report should contain the derivation of the governing equation for the 1-D steady state heat conduction and relevant boundary conditions. Your code should check with the analytical solution for the case where the heat source is set to zero.


You need to submit a written report on the project and the report needs to follow the format below:



(i)                            Cover page (see attached as an example)

(ii)                          Summary

(iii)                        Introduction – tells what you want to do in this project

(iv)                       Theory

(v)                         Results and Discussion

(vi)                       Conclusion

(vii)                     References

(viii)                   Appendix

  1. List of your C code
  2. Sample Run of your Code
  3. Data file of the result you have exported to the local drive


Total report length is limited within 10 pages (excluding the appendix). Cover page is separate.


Grading Policy:       Technical Part: 90%

Writing: 10%

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