the law E-Government Act of 2002,

1-What goals did Congress hope to achieve for passing this law? Concentrating on only two or three goals of the law.

2.  Delve into the debate that preceded the law’s passage, that is, the politics that preceded passing the law, which simply was previous attempts or non-attempts at passing the law.

3. Use hard data from an original source or reputable journals that swung lawmakers’ opinion to decide to pass the law. Original source data may be obtained from the Dept. of Labor, US Bureau of Statistics, Uniform Crime Statistics, Court Rulings, International Labor Organization, World Health Organization, etc.

4.  In not more than (2) two SEPARATED pages, cite relevant portions of the law verbatim.

5. What has happened since the law was passed? How have public and private organizations changed their behavior because of the law passing?

6. Can you cite any data on the law making a difference in the management of human resources? Criticism of the law, noncompliance, lawsuits, need for Congress to retool the law.

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