The Glass Menagerie Thesis statement

The Glass Menagerie Thesis statement
Select one of the assigned readings for your topic and submit a short paper explaining why you selected the topic and what you plan to analyze and explore in your research. Also, include a tentative thesis to show what you think the main point of your paper will be; this is tentative, and you can (and many of you will) change your thesis as you get farther along in the project, but it is a starting point to guide your research. See page 280 in your handbook for a brief discussion about writing a tentative thesis for a research project. This assignment should be no more than one page in length.

Remember, you must use research to examine a literary work. This means that you must examine the influences that helped to create the literature and its meaning such as the writer’s personal life or beliefs, the political or social climate of the time, philosophical movements, historical events, influential works of literature, and cultural confines or constructs. Use your sources to help you analyze the following:

The meaning of the work you selected.
How the author’s life and times influenced it.
How the author’s use of one or more elements and/or literary devices enhances the work (What elements or literary devices? Why did the author use them? What is the overall effect? How do they help clarify the meaning?).
Your paper will be an analysis of the course reading selected for your topic and should not be a report on the author or the other contextual influences you choose to research.

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