The changes in Disney Movies

The changes in Disney Movies

Paper Formatting
All dropbox submitted papers (Reader Autobiography, Picturebook Analysis Paper, IIP Project, and Reflection Paper) should follow these formatting guidelines:
•    12 pt. font, Times New Roman
•    Double Space
•    1” margins (note, this might not be your computer default)
•    Before/After spacing set at 0 (note, this might not be your computer default)
o    To get to the former requirement, highlight your text—right click—click on “Paragraph”—under “Spacing” you should see “Before” and “After”—set both at “0”
•    The first page should include the following information on the left hand side:

First Name Last Name
Prof. Grice
EDUTL 2368
•    Finally, I consider “1/2” a page to be 12 lines of text. Make sure if an assignment minimum says 1 ½ pages that your text hits the 12th line of the second page in order to be considered meeting the minimum length.

<Course Objectives 4 & 6 and General Education Literature Objectives 1 & 2>
This is a self-selected individual project that should be a significant research project and probe the depths of what you have learned over the semester on a specific topic that you extend your research/interests outside of the course discussions. As a “final” project, it should explore your chosen topic in detail, demonstrate an understanding of the major concepts covered in class, and focus on some aspect of children’s literature. These projects will be due the final week of the term.

Topic choices will be due by the beginning of week 6. As we go through the term, look for class topics/discussions that interest you and begin formulating ways you might further engage with these topics at the end of the term. I encourage you to scan the syllabus schedule, the posted Carmen questions/material, and the texts for the course to see what upcoming topics might interest you the most. Everyone must clear his or her final project topic with me before completing it.

Projects may take the form of:
•    Unit or Lesson Plans
•    A visual presentation (powerpoint or prezi, for example) with accompanying short explanatory paper [NOTE: must present to me on exam date]
•    And interactive website/blog
•    An academic essay (minimum 4 full pages)
•    A visual artifact (an authentically created art piece) with accompanying short explanatory paper [NOTE: must present to me on exam date]

All projects must consult and internally site (either APA or MLA) four external sources with no more than two coming from materials directly read in the course as assigned texts. Please use the prior stated Paper Formatting Guidelines for all “accompanying short explanatory papers” or the “academic essay” type of project.
You will receive a more detailed handout regarding this project later in the term. Please email me at any time if you have questions about it.
For more guidance on this, see the “IIP Assignment Further Explanation” handout posted in the “Syllabus and Explanatory Handouts” section on Carmen.

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