Texas political

Texas political
1 Discuss the factors that influence the strength of the powers of the govemorfita
appt. powers, number of elected stateW1de executlves, budgetary pOWCI‘S, veto s Vt:-
party control). What can you conclude about the powers of the Texas governor?
2. Discuss 3 types of city government (Council-Manager, Mayor – Council, and Commission)-7Y;ng.
the advantages and disadvantages of each form. What form would be the best for Corpus C fling];
Defend your answer.
3. Discuss the legacy of restricted ballot access in Texas and the current factors affecting voter
turnout. In your opinion, how does the Texas photo voter ID impact voter turnout in Texas? Do
you support or oppose this requirement? Defend your answer. g
4. Discuss the varied methods ofjudicial selection in the United States. What method does Texas
use and Should it be changed? Defend your answer.

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