Tax-Avoidance Activities of U.S. Multinational Corporations

Tax-Avoidance Activities of U.S. Multinational Corporations
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Hello Dear,
I hope you are well, i study a masters for Accounting and finance, i want you write my dissertation (40 page) about this topic (Tax-Avoidance Activities of U.S. Multinational Corporations). The first time I want I try to collect the data and I give you the data for the dissertation, but before you start the dissertation, I want you send me which variables do you want to use for dissertation for example ( ETR, FORSALES, FORINC). If I can’t collect the data after that I tell you to, you collect the data. Also, i want to use the data for 10 years (2005 to 2015) for at least (500) companies. Also, I want you write for each chapter spread introduction and conclusion, i mean each chapter have (introduction and conclusion).
40 Page = 11,000 words
Abstract ( ? words)
Chapter introduction ( ? words)
Chapter literature review (3000 words)
Chapter methodology (2000 to 3000 words)
Chapter data (Results )and analysis (2000 to 3000 words)
Conclusion ( ? words)
Also, after you finish the dissertation i want to send me (STATA outcome ( STATA comments)). Also, i have one dissertation for the same topic , i attached it maybe you will be get some idea about this topic but not write the same.
Best Regards

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