1. Explain in Example 5.8 (Chapter I, pages 37-38) of the Lecture Notes how   + – was obtained and what went wrong  , with the Poisson approximation.

Problem 2 is computational and it should be rendered using the Rprogramming (no any other language or tool). Here not only do you provide us with an answer, but also
with the source code of the program. You must to copy and paste your code from the R console your paper (or give us snapshots of your screens) as an evidence that you
really ran the program. Otherwise, the problem won’t be graded. Also, your work must be rendered independently, without any collaboration with others. A joint or
similar work will be cancelled.

. Suppose a parallel reliability system consists of a cable of wires for a bridge and that this cable must have at least 60 wires. If the reliability of a single wire
is 14 !Þ what is a minimal number of wires (counted 60 or more) should the cable have to guarantee the realiability of the system of at least 2?

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