Sociology of pop culture

Sociology of pop culture
You’ll submit a 4-6 page paper on a popular culture phenomenon of your choosing. Your paper must be a critical analysis of your chosen topic, based in one of the three main theories we’ve discussed this semester (functionalism, conflict, or symbolic interactionism).
There are 100 points available for this paper. It should have a minimum of 3 scholarly journal articles from sociological journals as references. It should be 4-6 pages (1,000-1,500 words) long, in Times New Roman font, size 12 font, double-spaced, with one-inch paper margins. You should include a reference page at the end, but that will not count toward the 4-6 page requirement. Your entire paper (in-text and in the reference page) needs to be in an official citation format. It doesn’t matter if you use APA, MLA, or ASA, as long as you use one correctly throughout.
Look for:
Clear and concise writing – Are you able to get your point across clearly and without confusion? Does the paper “flow,” i.e. does one paragraph lead to the next in a logical way? Have you provided evidence to support the points you’re trying to make?
Legitimacy of references – Are they from a sociology journal? Are they appropriate for this paper/topic?
An understanding of the class material and references – Are the terms and theory you’ve chosen applied appropriately and correctly in the context of a 300 level sociology course? Is it clear that you’ve exercised critical thought and your sociological imagination?
A clear overall tie to sociology and popular culture – Did you explain why the topic matters within sociology and within popular culture?

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