Security and privacy in cloud computing

Prepare a report on the following scenario about security and privacy in cloud computing.

Recently increased use of mobile devices and the growth of the Internet in current business practices have led to the provision of Cloud Computing which relies on sharing computing resources rather than having local servers or personal devices handle software applications.Cloud Computing can be thought of as many different computers pretending to be one computing environment. It provides the delivery of computer and storage resources as a service to end-users usingthe Internet.

There is a significant benefit to organisationsin the leverage of Cloud Computing services, not least of which is the potential for significant cost savings.But security concerns have led organisations to be wary of moving critical resources to the Cloud. Businesses and individuals are concerned about how security and integrity of their data can be maintained in this new environment. Providers of Cloud Computing argue that they havein place security benefits which they offer to their customers who choose to move their data and information systems to the Cloud.

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