Salvation Army

Salvation ArmyA minimum 15 slide PowerPoint will be prepared to teach your classmates the following about the agency you selected. The following questions should be addressed.
What is the main mission of the agency?
What area of wellness do they help?
What services do they provide?
What volunteer possibilities exist within this agency?
How do you locate this agency within your community?
Use the following guidelines while creating your group PowerPoint:
The presentation should be developed using Microsoft PowerPoint and should include at least 15 slides (not including title slide and reference slide).
PowerPoint presentations should be kept to 5mb or less. If it is over 5mb create properly named separate files.
Appropriate animation and transitions for a professional presentation.
Maximum font size 29 Times New Roman or equivalent size.
Your presentation must have the following sections:
Title Slide at the beginning – one slide only.
Sketches, drawings, photos with brief descriptions of each image that relate to your topic. – Minimum two slides, maximum four slides.
Reference slide at the end.

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