Research Skills for Marketing 2

Research Skills for Marketing 2
UNIQLO Co., Ltd. is a company of clothing brand, established in Yamaguchi, Japan
in 1984 as a “UNIQUE CLOTHING WAREHOUSE” for unisex casual clothing. Since
about 1997, UNIQLO has differentiated from its competitors by developing its own
products, flexible production adjustment, and adopted low-cost store management
with reduced rent and labour costs.
The global fashion industry has traditionally been one of the most lucrative
industries in the world, generating almost US$2,560 trillion (S$3,129 trillion) in 2010
and showing few signs of slowing down, especially in Asia where consumer
spending continues on an upward trend. Singapore holds a 2% share of the world
apparel market. Singapore’s apparel industry generates sales of US$3.6 billion (S$4.4
billion), and among the nearly 130 manufacturers that make up the industry are the
number one suppliers for world-renowned names like Gap, Nike and Macy’s.

Given the importance of the Singapore’s market to UNIQLO’s objectives of
increasing its brand positioning, the management are interested to conduct a
research study amongst shoppers to understand its branding effort in relation to
customer intention to purchase its products.
Provide justifications on adopting either a qualitative or quantitative research to
understand consumer needs by comparing and contrasting the applications and
limitations of both approaches. Your answer should include examples of business
situations of both qualitative and quantitative approach. (~1000 words)
Given the benefits of both qualitative and quantitative approaches, management
have tasked you to design a 2 stage research study on shopper behaviour: 1) A Focus
Group Study and 2) A Questionnaire Survey. The results obtained will be submitted
as a report to uncover the factors that motivate shoppers to purchase UNIQLO’s

1) Focus Group Study – As a facilitator of the focus group, explain how you
would go about planning and conducting the focus group. The factors
identified during the focus group will be used to develop the questionnaire
for the next phase. A maximum of ten themes are expected from the focus
group discussion. (~800 words)
2) Questionnaire Survey – In the second stage, propose how you would go about
selecting respondents for your study. Provide a discussion on the benefits of
using probability and non-probability sampling. (~800 words)
UNIQLO operates an online site and customers are free to browse for latest product
availability but will be required to register to receive updates. Free delivery is
included for minimum orders at S$60 in a single receipt. Provide suggestions as how
UNIQLO could make use of this information. Your answer should include
limitations for using this information for decision making. (~400words)
Learning Outcomes Assessed:
1. Develop and design research to address a given business scenario
2. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of qualitative and quantitative
research techniques

Marking Scheme
Rubric Sheet – 200MKT Marketing Research
Assignment 1
Marketing Criteria Poor Fair Adequate Good Excellent
Structure (10%)
Content is organised and appropriate with a coherent;
flow of information, logical arguments and concepts
Knowledge and Understanding (20%)
Discussion of qualitative and quantitative research,
their applications and limitations.
Appropriate business examples
Application – Focus Group (20%)
Relevant Procedures
The list of themes/topics to be discussed is applied to
the case.
Application – Questionnaire Survey (20%)
Comparison between Probability vs Non-Probability
Sampling techniques
Justification of selection
Analysis and Recommendations (20%)
Critical analysis of the topic, appropriate conclusions
and justified recommendations.
Presentation of report (10%)
The report is professionally prepared, free of all textual
Appropriate use of references and referencing.
In addition marks are also awarded her for referencing. Students are expected to use
the CU Harvard Referencing style. Failure to reference work and provide a list of
references will result in the work being FAILED.

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