reflective paper

reflective paperPaper details:
– In labor law course we took one group assignment about termination and unfair dismissal it was a presentation on poster plus written report
moreover, the second assignment was individual research paper and i wrote about child labour in Saudi
last assignment was about different case analysis that we did in class
-Use simple english language as much as you can
-Please write a brief reflection about your experience in the course, discussing the following:

1. Which assignments in this course helped you enhance your skills and achieving the learning outcomes of this course (posted below).

2. How successful were you in achieving the core competencies of PMU? Which assignments helped you achieve them?

3. How have the assignments empowered you for your future employment?

4. Which departmental learning outcome do you think this course helped you achieve? (posted below)
PMU Law Department Learning outcomes :
Define and use fundamental knowledge, principles, theories, concepts, and practices of the national legal system studied and its applications.
Define and use fundamental knowledge, principles, theories, concepts, and practices of the international legal system studied and their applications.
Develop and Demonstrate an understanding of the legal system of Saudi Arabia in comparison to other regional and international legal systems, and their applications.
Analyze and Critically Evaluate primary and secondary legal resources and cases of various legal systems and apply valid and reliable results to a range of situations.
Conduct research studies in the legal field using critical thinking and problem solving procedures while collecting, analyzing, and interpreting multiple resources and drawing valid and reliable outcomes.
Demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively and responsibly with diverse groups, show potential leadership skills when appropriate and adhere to professional ethics of the legal career.
Communicate effectively verbally and in writing in both English and Arabic with various national and international clients
Use basic mathematical and statistical techniques in the analysis, interpretation, and solving of complex legal and business related issues, reports and select proper technological means to communicate the results to a variety of audience.

Course learning outcomes:
Define labor law and its main principles.
Describe formal and informal sources of employment law.
Analyze the constitution of employment and personal work contract.
@ Compare and contrast various labor law models from different nations including Saudi Arabia.
@ Demonstrate the implied terms of personal employment contract.
Develop a contextual analysis of employment law.
Illustrate the statutory regulation of dismissal and redundancy
Comments from Support Team: Discipline: labor law
Fee: $9

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