Quality culture vs. traditional culture

Quality Culture vs. Traditional Culture

There are various differences between a quality culture and a traditional culture. While formulating strategies and implementing quality culture, you need to understand these differences and plan accordingly. In this assignment, you will evaluate the difference between a quality culture and a traditional culture.

In a 2 page Microsoft Word document, address the following:

• Select and evaluate a company you are familiar with based on the following parameters:

? Operating philosophy

? Objectives

? Management approach

? Attitude toward customers

? Problem-solving approach

? Supplier relationships

? Performance improvement approach

• Based on your evaluation of this company, explain if you think your selected company is following a quality culture or a traditional culture. Provide an appropriate rationale and examples to support your answer.

• Given your evaluation of the company, explain whether you believe that its culture will enhance or impede its success.

Support your responses with examples

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