Project: Music Industry Survey

In this assignment you are going on a discovery of what makes music popular and what people are interested in purchasing. You have been hired by a major record label to help them change their marketing approach. The audience market has changed drastically in the past 10 years with the invention of the Internet. This has cut into CD sales tremendously. Your job is to survey as many people as you can. Find out what their music preferences are, why they feel that way, and what are they willing to spend money on. You will do this by creating an online survey on Survey Monkey. You can register on Survey Monkey for free. Alternatively, you can create your own survey using word processing software.

On Survey Monkey you can create your survey and email it to yourself as well as people you know. You are limited to 10 questions and 3 subject categories. Be sure to have one page focusing on listening preferences, one page on finding out what motivates people to feel certain ways about the music they hear, one page on purchasing preferences, and then one page for you to be creative with how you think you can provide the record company with what they need to know to survive in this changing music industry. You have to have a minimum of 2 questions per page. Be sure to send the survey link to your teacher as well.

After you receive replies from a minimum of 5 people, write a report on your findings. Present it in a well-developed essay with an introduction and summary. Thoroughly cover the results of each part of your survey and your findings. You can choose to do a slideshow presentation in replacement of the essay for the same credit.

Submit your completed assignment to the Project: Music Industry Survey assignment link for grading. For information on how this assignment will be graded, visit the orientation. After you have completed the unit project, continue on to the semester project.

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