programmingDevelop your algorithms and the Java programs in the Word document.
Use the online programming environment, to compile and execute your programs.
Fix the errors if there are any.

9Unit 6 Programming Project 1
Solve the following programming problems. For each problem, you should create an algorithm either in pseudocode or as a flowchart, implement the program in Java, and then compile and execute the Java program on is very intuitive. Please see the screenshot below to understand how to use the online programming environment.

For each of the four problems, you should submit the following,
• an algorithm.
• a Java program.
• a screenshot that includes your Java program and the Console View box. Please see the screenshot above to understand what your screenshots should look like.
Problem 1
Your First Java Program for this assignment will help you get acquainted with the free online programming environment, Please note you may want to type your programs on directly to avoid false error reports. Don’t copy any program from a Word document and paste it on Word will add extra invisible codes to the program and you will receive false error reports when you compile and execute the program on
Here is the Java program you will enter:
// This is my first Java program.
public class MyFirstProgram
public static void main( String[] args)
System. out. println(“ Hello World!”);
Algorithm for Problem 1

Java Program (The Java program has been provided to you.)

Screenshot of the result on

Problem 2

Write an application that displays your initials in large block letters. Make each large letter out of the corresponding regular character. For example:
Algorithm for Problem 2

Java Program

Screenshot of the result on
Program 3
Write a program that prints an imitation of the Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow created in 1930 by Piet Mondrian painting, illustrated below.

Use character sequences such as @@@ or ::: to indicate different colors and use – and | to form the black lines.

Algorithm for Problem 3

Java Program

Screenshot of the result on

Program 4
In the United States there is no federal sales tax, so every state may impose its own sales taxes. Look on the Internet for sales tax charged in five US states, then write a program that prints the tax rates for five states of your choice. For example,
Sales Tax Rates
Alaska: 0%
Hawaii: 4%

Algorithm for Problem 4

Java Program

Screenshot of the result on
Unit 6 Programming Project 2
Solve the following programming problems by developing algorithm and then implementing it in Java. Please follow the instructions in your Blackboard course site to understand how to submit the project.
Problem 1
The variable fuelAmount and fuelCapacity hold the actual amount of fuel, and the size of the fuel tank of a vehicle. If less than 10 percent is remaining in the tank, a status light should show a red color; otherwise it shows a green color. Simulate this process with the values of the fuelAmount and fuelCapacity read from the user, and the program printing “red” or “green” for the particular values.
Problem 2
The college bookstore has Kilobyte Day sale every October 24, giving an 8 percent discount of all computer accessory purchase if the price is less than $128, and a 16 percent discount if the price is at least $128. Write a program that asks the cashier for the original price, and then prints the discounted price.
Problem 3
Write a program that would help me calculate your letter grades according to the college policies: if the score is less than 60, grade is D, C is awarded for score between 70 and 79, B for 80 to 89, and A for 90 to 100.
Problem 4
You have $10,000 in your bank account which earns 5 percent interest per year. How many years does it take for the account balance to be doubled?
Problem 5
Using a for loop, calculate and display the multiplication table of numbers from 1 to 10.

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