Prepare a report outlining the advantages and disadvantages

Case Study 1:

C & B Meats

C and B Meats is a Newfoundland company that produces local wild game, moose, Caribou, beaver and black bear, for speciality restaurants and church groups. C and
B Meats have direct competition with a number of other local meat companies that produce the same types of products. No company is currently ISO 14000 registered. The owner, and majority stock holder, would like to explore the possibility of becoming ISO 14000 compliant but all other management and employees are against the idea. You are hired by the owner to be the new company environmental manager and your first task is to overcome these obstacles and move the company towards ISO 14000 registration. How would you accomplish this daunting task?

Case Study 2:

NewCHEM Inc.

NewCHEM is a Newfoundland operated company that produces various forms of acid for commercial and domestic markets. The senior managers are discussing the idea of registering the company under the ISO 14000 Standard. You are the environmental manager and point out that the first task that needs to be accomplished is to get the environmental documentation , including procedures and reports, in the correct ISO 14000 format. Some of the management argues that there is already documentation that could be reformatted to fit the ISO 14000 model. The other managers argue that the documentation should be created from scratch to fit the ISO 14000 model. The senior manager sees the advantages of both arguments and asks you to prepare a report outlining the advantages and disadvantages of both situations and to make your recommendations.

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