Powerpoint Presentation of Clinical innovation plan


Task Description:

To provide a powerpoint presentation which is a persausive presentation seeking gain support for  their clinical innovation plan which will be provided to you.  The presentation should demonstrate a full understanding of the planned innovation and assist with it being clearly communicated to the audience. Your audience is the executive group of a medium sized health service and your task is to prepare a presentation of your Clinical Innovation Project Plan in order to achieve executive support for the plan.  Your presentation must use Powerpoint (saved as a PDF in order for it to be lodged in the SafeAssign Portal).


Criteria & Marking:

No Criterion Mark
1 The quality of the presentation as it appears as a PDF 10
2 Quality of the plan ithat communicates what is proposed to the audience 20
3 Statement of benefits of the innovation which includes some estimation of the return on investment 20
4 Contains an assessment of the risks to the organisation if the innovation were to be implemented and/or not implemented 10
5 Consideration of any statutory or ethical issues that need to be taken into account (if any, and if none identified, how that position was arrived at 10
6 A change management plan to diffuse the innovation into the workplace including a communications plan for engaging staff in the implementation. 30


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