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Position Paper –

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Project managers have to make ethical decisions every day. There are no hard and fast rules or dealing with ethical issues, so you have to use your judgement and knowledge in order to deal with ethical problems successfully. Ethical decisions are based on the norms, values,
thoughts and beliefs of the individual project manager, so it is important that as a project manager you establish your ethical position so that you have a basis to deal with an issue when it arises.

The client has instructed you to change the project in a way that has a significant detrimental effect on the environment and on the local community. This undermines the environmental and social assurances that were given by the client to the local community in a public meeting
before the project began; a meeting at which you were participated. The changes do not however breach any legal or statutory regulations.

As the project manager, write a paper that clearly sets out and explains your position with respect to this issue.


peer reviewed journals newer than 2010 to be used only.
no diagrams, charts or pictures to be used in the text.
secondary referencing only – no direct quotes.

30 words for introduction
30 words for conclusion
remainder for main body

The paper should be focussed:
1 on the project managers ethical position
2 critical discussion and rational for project managers position on the subject
3 persuasiveness of paper

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