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this paper is not to write from scratch, it to add to and existing paper which will be uploaded the following information about phytormediation
you want to now use the model to analyze how the overall engineered ecological system behaves with regard to its significant biological process, resources or parameter that you have considered to be critical or limiting. This could include any physical or chemical processes that have been identified as being significant because it creates a critical or limiting condition to the biological process. Perform modeling analyses (run the model or perform calculations using the model) for conditions that you would consider typical, and then also for one or two other conditions above and below what is considered typical. The intent is to provide some demonstration of how the system is expected to perform under these different conditions; for example when stressed. If your model is one that has been previously used by others in the literature you are referencing, your results may include some of those results as well. Finally, you will provide a discussion of these results for how the overall system, by virtue of its critical or limiting processes, performs under the conditions you have analyzed.
n Step 10 your primary objective is to provide some closure to your entire work. Select the most import aspect of this work and discuss it in a manner that summarizes its significance with regard to the overall system, its individual processes and the intended application. Your work on this paper should have offered you the opportunity to begin developing your own ideas for alternate or similar applications, or even to further strengthen your ideas about the current application. Develop and present your conclusion about the work done and where appropriate, provide recommendations for future work that should be considered. Conclusions and recommendations do not need to be lengthy. The more direct and succinct, the better, as they should be obvious because of all the previous material and discussion leading up to them.

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