Select one of the subsequent cases and related pathology:
Lori U., a 24-year old female, has experienced a painful fall while skiing; she is complaining of extreme pain in her left elbow, which is also swollen. Lori is unable
to bend her left arm. The diagnosis of elbow dislocation is made by the Emergency Care Physician

· Assess common causes for your selected pathology.

When Lori fell, she put a great deal of force on her left elbow causing her elbow to dislocate. Elbow dislocation is caused when a great deal of force is applied to an
elbow that is in a slightly flexed position. This causes the ulna to slide posterior to the distal end of the humerus (Lippert 157).

· Research a video (AU Library via Films on Demand or another multimedia source of your choice), which includes captioning and educates your peers about the
pathology you selected above. Include a description on how to access the video or include the direct link to your selection within your discussion forum posting.

Elbow Dislocations – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim

· Analyze how the change in structure can impact your selected person’s function on a daily basis. How might the patient in the case study compensate in order
to accomplish normal activities?

With a dislocated elbow the selected patient would not be able to return to skiing for many weeks due to the pain a chance of re-dislocating her elbow, day to day task
will also be impacted lifting writing “if left handed” holding objects will all cause significant pain to the selected patient’s left elbow.

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