Dissertation Format

How to Format a Dissertation Paper

If you want to come up with a dissertation that will be accepted by your professor, then you must go out of your way and format it accordingly. Most people do not put a lot of emphasis on formatting dissertation. In as much as it is given little attention, the format is equally important just like the content itself. With that said, if you want to find out the best way to format your dissertation, then you should keep reading. Here is a checklist that you should use every time you want to format your thesis paper.

Title page

Never submit your thesis without the title page. The title page includes; the original signature of director, directors name and the date of submission of the paper. You should never put a page number on the title page.


When writing an abstract for your thesis, always make sure that it has a maximum of 350 words. The title and author name should be included on the upper right hand of the abstract page. Just like the title page, the abstract should not be numbered and is not included in the numbering sequence.

Page numbering

When formatting dissertation, page numbering is of equal importance. The first page just after the abstract should be numbered Roman two (ii). The page is centered at the bottom and an inch from the bottom. Make sure that you number every page of your dissertation, except for the copyright notice and abstract.

Table of contents 

Make sure that you include a table of contents. It should have headings that correspond with the page numbers. The abstract is not included in the table of contents.

List of Figures and Tables

In the list of figures and tables, include the title and their corresponding page numbers. The formatting dissertation for this section requires you to have one and half inch margins on the left side. You should not forget to include the bibliography after the list of tables and figures.

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