Oaklands Historic House and Museum

Oaklands Historic House and Museum1- 3- pages, meaning full text and not including title page, headers, and reference page.

2-You must have at least one scholarly journal or book that is properly used in the text as a citation *and listed on the reference page in proper APA or MLA format. Websites are not accepted for citations!

File #1


Content criteria: (50 points)

Described preparations for the visit.

Gave a run description of the site.

Explained the historic significance of the site.

Gave personal impressions of the site, including what was most impressive, what
surprised you by what you learned.

Why would you recommend visiting this site to a friend.

Research/style criteria: (30 points)

At least one scholarly journal or book is cited in the text.

Citation is in proper MLA or APA format.

Writing skills: (20 points)

Included solid paper organization with an introduction, conclusion, and a coherent flow
in the subjects covered.

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