Nutrition Diet

Nutrition Diet

Dietary Analysis Assignment

INTRODUCTION: Your Diet Analysis Assignment is worth 100 points so you will want to complete it successfully. Using the Super Tracker at you will complete the analysis phase of this assignment. The website will allow you to print a Nutrient Report and Activity Report which you will then use to complete the assignment. Please include this in your submission.

This assignment must be typed (double spaced) and include a copy of your Nutrient and Activity Reports (please save a copy scan and/or screen shot. The Nutrient Report must be visible to me to grade in Canvas. If you upload a photo and it is not visible/readable you will lose points.

PART I: Food Log/Nutrient and Activity Reports: (10 Points)
The assignment involves an exploration of three typical days of your normal diet and exercise. A good guideline is to include two week days and one weekend day. Record all foods and drinks you consume for each of the three days. Be sure to estimate the quantities of each item and pay close attention to details like portion size, fluid intake and physical activity. Enter this information into Super Tracker and compare your intakes to the DRIs appropriate for your age and gender.

1. Develop a list for everything you normally eat over a typical three day period.
2. Go to
3. Choose Super Tracker
4. Create your profile. Please note you will need to input your height and weight.
5. Choose Food Tracker and enter quantity for each food item.
6. Choose Nutrient Report to analyze.
7. Choose Activity Tracker to report any exercise/activity for the three days.
8. Choose Activity Report to analyze. (if you did not exercise no report will be included)

A: Analysis/Reflections/Written Comments (20 points)
Describe your personal reaction to what your report tells you. Were you surprised, pleased, disappointed, and why? (2-3 paragraphs)

B: Body Composition Analysis (10 points)
Complete your body composition assessment by using bioelectrical impedance. Other methods can include; Bod Pod, and/or skinfold measurements. Some of you may have a body composition scale that can be used at home. This is a requirement of the project so please plan ahead. BIA’s are also available on both the FS and Puyallup campuses.

In (1-2 paragraphs) answer the following questions. Describe the concept of “energy balance.” With regard to your calorie consumption and your body composition, discuss yourself and what your energy balance must be with reference to your fat percentage. (See Target Weight below) Is your energy balance healthy? Are you taking in too many calories or too few? Are you burning enough calories each day? Are you exercising daily? Are you at a healthy place in terms of your body composition? If not, what do you need to do to change your energy balance so you lose fat and gain muscle?

Optional: Go to and click on Fitness Calculators, then click on Target Weight, and you can use this tool to estimate a target body composition and/or weight based on your current nutritional and health status.

C: Nutrient Deficiencies and Excesses Chart (15 points)
Create a list/chart or table of Nutrient Deficiencies and Excesses. Scan the reports and look at your daily food log to identify the main food item that contributed to excesses. List the food item(s) that contributed to the excess and next to each one list the excess nutrient that resulted. For each specific deficiency or excess, give examples of specific foods to add or omit to correct the problem. Find these examples from your text, or lecture notes.

D: Nutrient Assessment (15 points) Using your Nutrient Report describe your analysis of your intake of the following: Carbohydrates, Total Fats, Saturated, Monounsaturated, Polyunsaturated, Fiber and Cholesterol. Based on your findings, what would you modify, change, or keep the same with regard to your status in each of these categories? How might excesses and/or deficiencies in these areas affect your health, energy level, etc.?

Conclusion/Discussion (30 points)
In (1-2) paragraphs, describe adjustments you would make in your eating patterns and activity habits improve your health. You can also describe changes you have already made since the beginning of the quarter. Include an overall assessment of your diet, goals you have identified for the future, and anything else you have learned from this assignment.

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