music/Rock concert

music/Rock concertpaper will be turned in in ” turn it in” , so please be careful WITH PLAGARISM. this paper is for music class. we need to attend Rock concert .The concert must be in LOS angeles, ca . ( concerts like madonna or taylor swift is NOT accepted). and the date of concert should be any date from February 1 , 2016 until may 5, 2016. you do not need to attend the concert just find one and write about it. here are the instructions: Summary: The purpose of this assignment is to allow students the opportunity to become exposed to live music. Reports must follow standard college guidelines: double-spaced, 12-pt font, 1-inch margins, etc. Citations are not necessary since this is not a research paper but an individual review and perspective on the personal observations made during the concert. The length is to be 2 pages. What I am looking for is a personal opinion-oriented evaluation of your experience. Music (especially classical music) should produce a catharsis with members of the audience. I would like as many details as you can provide about how a certain performance “moves” you. You can mention which piece you liked, which you did not like . tell about tempo, rhythm. ATTENTION: the concert HAS TO BE IN LOS ANGELES ,CA and it has to be REAL CONCERT. You can Not MAKE IT UP.
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