“Managing the diversified workforce: current efforts “

“Managing the diversified workforce: current efforts ”
Based on the practice you’ve gotten writing a graduate level paper on a team level, you will now begin the process of writing an Individual Paper.

You are required to write a 15 page MS Word Individual Paper in APA format for this course. Your Individual Paper is designed to test your ability to understand and
translate theoretical research on organization theory to specific implications for any kind of management issues and concerns.

Individual Paper Instructions

You will write your topic on “Managing the diversified workforce: current efforts ” (i.e., theory, management issue, or concern) of your choosing that you consider
valuable, interesting, and related to the material covered in this course. Your paper should address some organizational or management issues. This means going above
beyond just listing any concerns, but also identifying any causal factors as well strategies for dealing with the topic is of your choosing.

The range of possible topics is endless I assure you. Here are four examples picked from previous classes:

The organizational issues of under and overspecializing jobs;
Challenges in implementing a job enrichment program;
Leadership principles applied in an international setting; or,
Behavior modification: Employee motivation or exploitation?
I offer these only as examples to get you thinking about different issues of concern to management and organizations today. The point is that I would encourage you to
choose a topic that is specific, interesting and related to the material covered in this course.

Please note that your Individual Paper Topic must be completely different than the topic you selected in your team! Your topic will need to be submitted to and
approved by your instructor.

Your paper should include the following …

Min. 15 pages. (Please note that excessive use of ‘filler’ material, such as graphics, charts, cartoons etc. are not counted towards your 15 pages. It is strongly
recommended that items such as charts or tables should be summarized in the paper and then referenced and placed as appendices.)
Uses APA fonts, spacing, margins, citations, as found in the Writing Papers & APA Examples and Samples link on the Getting Started section of the course.
A scholarly summary of your selected topic as well as all relevant management and organizational theories that are supported by and/or contradicted by this topic
(hint: provide your analysis/explanation of why these theories are central to your briefing).
All papers must be submitted using MS Word.

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