Managing Risk in Business


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Risk in Business

Unit aims This unit examines the impiications of risk fo「 businesses. it
exp10「eS the importance of risk assessment and risk management
Strategies, and conside「s measures and techniques fo「 anaiysing
and addressing 「isk. 1t discusses how effective 「isk management
SuPPOrtS businesses in becoming ma「ket leade「S.
Lea「ne「s who aspire to positions which invoIve 「esponsib冊es fo「
「isk management w川deveIop knowiedge, understanding and
icaI ski=s necessa fo「 such
Unit Ieve
Unit code H150519237
C「edit value
StruCtu re
Assessment guidance To achieve this unit, Iea「ne「s must achieve the ieaming outcomes
and meet the standa「ds specified by the assessment c「ite「ia fo「 the
unit・ Additional assessment guidance is provided on the ATHE
SamPIe assignment b「ief. This unit can be approached f「om a
theo「eticaI pe「spective and the「e are a 「ange of diffe「ent tasks in
the sampie assignment which a「e business 「eiated. Lea「ners
ShouId use thei「 cu「rent o「 fo「me「 business expe「ience or 「esea「ch
On aCtuai o「ganisations to川ustrate their work and demonst「ate
unde「standin Ofthe LOs.
Assessment cri
The lea「ner can
1 Unde「stand the roie of「isk
management in business
1″1 Examine the 「oIe ofrisk management in
identifying, anaIysing and contro冊ng 「isk
l.2 Assess the function of risk management
St「uCtureS and activities
de「stand how Expiain how va「ious method
used to aSSeSS 「lS
riticaily analyse the actions
ake to mana
3 Understand the diffe「ent types of 「isk 3.1 Anaiyse the main types of 「isk facing
3.2 Examine the key operations which expose
businesses to 「isk
3,3 Appraise the d睡汀ent tyPeS Of secu「ity 「isk
3.4 Assess which business areas are pa巾cuiarly
VuIne「abie to securi b「eaches and f「aud
nde「stand the impact of the extemaI Assess the
am how
Of exte「naI in
uces the impact
enCeS O
Of exte「nai
5 Understand the roIe of a manage「 with
ノPV9「a= 「esponsib掴ty fo「 「isk
management and 「isk management
5.1 Identfty the advantages and disadvantages of
businesses having a risk management
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17022016 Ve「sion 2.1 29
) �5.2C「iticaIIyanaIysethe「oIeandrespons剛ities
重 し �「jskmanagement
budgetingin「iskmanagement 6.1AnaIysethelinksbetweencontingency
C「ISISmanagement �PIanningandcrisisma=agement
6.3Eva �uatecritica=yt �hecont「ibutionc「isis
man �agementsyst �emsmaketobus �IneSSeS
7UnderstandriskinreIationtoma「keting �7.1AnalysethereIationshipbetweenriskand
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17022016 Ve「sion 2.1 30

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