List possible objects in the new business


In the previous chapter, you created a data and process model for a new business venture. You plan to operate a mobile auto detailing service that will visit customers at their homes or businesses, and offer traditional, high-quality hand washing and waxing. In addition to retail customers, several auto dealers have expressed interest in your services, and you are eager to get started. You will hire college students as technicians, train and supply them, and offer them a share of the profits as an incentive. Your friend, who is an IT major, offered to help you set up an information system by customizing several Microsoft Office applications to meet your needs. In addition to the data and process model you created, she recommended that you prepare an object model. She suggested that you focus on the main actors and events, and that it was OK to use your imagination. Thinking it over, you know that you will have employees, retail customers, auto dealer accounts, one or more suppliers, and your local bank, where you plan to set up a business checking account. You also plan to keep track of customers, employee information, profit-sharing data, and an operations log.


1. List possible objects in the new business, including their attributes and methods, and create a use case diagram that shows how an on-site service request would be handled.

2. Create a sequence diagram that models the on-site service request mentioned in Task 1.

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