Legal issuesðics for culinary

Legal issuesðics for culinary


MMy concept is about cocktail lounge and nightclub , you guys can develop my concept with your own ideas .

Please follow the rules because its really important

Essay Rules:

a. Essay must be at least 500 words in length, and must be submitted in a Microsoft Word Document.

b. The essay component is an individual assignment—you may not collaborate with other group members on this portion of the assignment. Each student is responsible for his or her own paper.

i. This will be strictly enforced

c. Must follow APA guidelines, pursuant to Art Institute policy (See Doc Sharing for references to help with APA guidelines).

d. Please note that I specialize in Copyright law, and will be keeping a close eye out for plagiarism. The punishment for plagiarism goes beyond point deductions from a grade; all violations will be reported to school administration.

e. No quotations may exceed 25 words. Be advised that if the essay consists of several quotations and they are used to reach the word count requirement, the score will be adjusted downward accordingly.

2) Essay Components:

a. Briefly describe your concept and what type of alcohol you will be serving/producing?

b. What license type(s) will you need? Why?

c. How long will it likely take for you to obtain your license?

d. Other than filling out the ABC forms, what else does the ABC require that you do in order to obtain your license in terms of county and/or city ordinance related issues?

e. Approximately how much will it cost you to obtain your alcohol license once you have factored in the other county and/or city requirements?

f. What is a “bona fide eating place”? Does it apply to your concept? Why or why not?

g. What are potential problems you could encounter in obtaining your license?

h. Did this assignment deter you from wanting to serve/produce alcohol if this were a real concept?

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