Leadership&Organization management

Leadership&Organization management

Throughout your program of study, you have been working on a business concept idea for your portfolio business plan. For this assignment, you need to create the communication channels that fit your business concept. Use the tools this week’s lecture has given you to create the design of this assignment. In a minimum 500-word essay in a Word document attachment following MLA requirements, this assignment wants you to:

First: Provide an overview of what you feel constitutes effective communication. Include in your summary

your definition of communication
examples of how to communicate effectively. You should include such terms as active, informational, and empathetic listening; feedback; and any qualities or behaviors you feel constitute effective communication.
Second: Outline a detailed list of leadership qualities you must exhibit to meet or exceed your definition of effective communication. Explain:

why you chose those qualities
why each quality is important to you and will benefit you both personally and professionally.
Submit your assignment to the Discussion Area. Be sure to cite all sources.

Assignment 1 Grading Criteria
Maximum Points
By the due date, the student should have:
Provided an overview and defined effective communication in a minimum 500-word document.
Outlined in detail examples of communication qualities and behaviors.
Listed the leadership qualities you must exhibit to promote effective communication and help the business continue to exist.
Explained why the chosen leadership qualities are important both personally and professionally and will benefit them.
Responded to a minimum of two students’ posts. Participated in the discussion by asking a question, providing a statement of clarification, providing a point of view with rationale, challenging a point of discussion, or making a relationship between one or more points of the discussion. 6
Responded using correct grammar, spelling, and MLA format for citations and references.

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