Is civic journalism the answer?

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Topic: Is civic journalism the answer?

Is Civic Journalism the Answer?
Buffalo’s own Jay Rosen (now a professor of journalism at New York University) was an early proponent
of citizen journalism (also known as civic journalism). Though perhaps motivated, at least in part, by
profit following declines in ratings and a backlash against horserace coverage of political news, Rosen’s
suggestions eventually found their way into newsrooms across the country. Some editors began civic
journalism projects to reconnect with local constituencies, become community stakeholders, and
reintroduce substance into the news. At such news organizations, the media agenda is set through
surveys, forums, and often direct citizen involvement in news decisions. Journalists, in turn, cover
heavily news on those topics and analyze events in the public interest.
Is civic journalism the answer? Is civic journalism an abdication of responsibility or a signal of media
taking on new responsibility? Should the media take an active role in community life? If civic journalism
isn’t the way forward, what reforms would you like to see to the way in which the media operates?
Other information have been uploaded. (Use 3 outside sources and i have uploaded some slides that you have to take information from them too)

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