Intermediate Macroeconomics II

Intermediate Macroeconomics II
Describe in 300 words or less the macroeconomic performance of one Canadian province over the
last decade. The data can be obtained from Statistics Canada, Cansim tables (
Follow the example on the Canadian economy presented in class and include the following macroeconomic
• Output (GDP)
• Employment
• Unemployment and youth (<25) unemployment
• Inflation (Consumer Price Index)
• Average house prices
• Investment (Business gross fixed capital formation)
? Residential
? Non-residential
• Government expenditure
• Imports and exports
? ImportsExports of goods to other countries
? ImportsExports of services to other countries
? ImportsExports of goods to other provinces
? ImportsExports of services to other provinces
• Consumption
? The production of goods
? The production of services
Compute the growth rates of each province’s GDP and its components over time.
Discuss the composition of output in each province. Summarize the economic standing of the
province following the financial crisis of 2007-2008 and compare it to the rest of the country using
the graphs presented in class.
Use a combination of graphs and tables to answer the questions above.
Distribution of provinces
Manitoba-Last name starts with A and B
Alberta-Last name starts with C, D, F
Ontario-Last name starts with G and H
Newfoundland and Labrador-Last name starts with I, J, K
British Columbia-Last name starts with L
Saskatchewan-Last name starts with M, N, O, P, Q
Nova Scotia-Last name starts with R, S, T
Prince Edward Island-Last name starts with U, V, W
Quebec-Last name starts with X
New Brunswick-Last name starts with Y, Z

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