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This paper is about choosing an intellectual property for an organic cafe business. I will upload papers about the target market and business entity of this business
for more information. Please answer and focus on the following 2 questions in the paper. 1. What type of intellectual property do you need for your business and why?
2. Why wouldn’t you need the other forms?

Your answer should be at least 550 original words and should contain at least 3 external citations embedded in the body of the paper using APA method for citing.
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In order to comprehensively analyze and expound the selected target market and foreseen competition, it is imperative to mention the business idea that is
intended to be established. The interest is focused towards provision of organic teas, coffees and blended herbal drinks. This project was inspired by the experience
in one of the prominent organic cafes in California, known as Urth Café. As a frequent visitor of the café, I found the health consciousness sold at the café in the
name of herbal infusions to be an interesting approach.
According to research evidence, coffee, a commonly consumed product among many people globally, is the heaviest and highest treated food commodity (Urth, 2014). The
research further states that most of the coffee packaged and sold in chain and retail stores is greatly treated and genetically modified, such as to satisfy the global
demand for coffee. As such, regularly indulging in the consumption of organic teas and herbal blends becomes a healthier option and, from this researcher’s view, Urth
Café in Los Angeles California provides one of the best prescriptions. Further research reveals that the importance of herbal tea and organic coffee blends reached
global standards (Sunday Morning Herald, 2011). In this light, it can be stated that the field of organic beverages has a high financial potential.
Target Market
The chosen location for the proposed organic café is Denver, at a specific place, called Cherry Creek. I find that this is the ideal place to set up a café
similar to the one in California, Urth Café. The motivations for setting up an organic café at Cherry Creek, Denver, that will be profitable, include:
The place has a great population of potential clients.
The place is yet to have their own organic café, despite that there are many shopping malls and meeting points.
There is a growing sensitization on the importance of organic tea and coffee beverages.
Along with the above presented reasons, there is need to properly present the demographics of the target market, in order to clearly reveal the potential business
Target Area
Cherry Creek, Denver can be described as a well-developed metropolis, with array of wealthy attractions that completely set it apart from the rest of Denver,
Colorado’s capital city (Colorado, 2016). Research from Colorado’s tourism office states that Cherry Creek, located a few minutes from downtown Denver, is diversely
developed, with shopping centers and restaurants that offer both local and international selections of tastes. As such, this target area qualifies as a suitable place
to set up an organic cafe, as with the array of diverse businesses and restaurants, the chances of attracting clients that are interested in organic drinks are high.
Target Population (Demographics)
Apart from the diverse development of Cherry Creek, official reports from housing experts, as well as Cherry Creek authorities, demonstrate that the population
in Cherry Creek is the optimal public. According to research evidence, almost 70% of the adult population in Cherry Creek is employed with white collar jobs
(Point2Homes, 2017). In a concurrent study, almost 30% of the population in Cherry Creek has a bachelor’s degree, while almost the same percentage point holds a
graduate degree (City data, 2017; Point2Homes, 2017). In this light, a large number of the adult residents in the selected area have white collar jobs, justifying, at
the same time, the well and diversely developed businesses in this city. For the new organic café business, employment and education represent important factors when
profiling the usual consumer, as he or she must have disposable income to purchase quality organic food and beverage services, while it is necessary to be educated in
this sense and be well informed regarding the health benefits of such products.
The fact that Urth Café is not present in Cherry Creek, Denver does not imply that there is no competition in this line of trade. The feasibility study
identified a restaurant named True Foods as the ultimate competitor in the line of trade that is approached through this business. It has a branch at Cherry Creek and
offers a raft of health-branded dishes and drinks (True Food Kitchen, 2017). However, while True Foods does not explicitly offer herbal and blended teas or coffees,
the proposed café is specialized on organic herbal and coffee beverages, which suggests a professional and informed approach towards the field, attracting a select
group of consumers, as identified above.
Offering organic coffee, tea, juice, breakfast, and lunch in a health-conscious manner can attract many well-educated and paid individuals. Cherry Creek, a
large and diverse city, has a great number of restaurants. However, one can still come in with something unique. Organic blends represent the uniqueness of the
proposed business venture, believing that there is room for its expansion and profitability in Cherry Creek, Denver.
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