INT 113 Module Three Discussion Sample: Political Ideologies and Corruption

INT 113 Module Three Discussion Sample: Political Ideologies and CorruptionFollow the format of this post to complete your own analysis. You will use some of the same resources cited in the
references, so follow the same citation format.
Government Overview (Central Intelligence Agency, 2015)
Government Type Republican Parliamentary Democracy
Political Leader(s) President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Political Pressure (or Opposition) Groups AKP – Justice and Development Party
HDP – People’s Democratic Party (pro-Kurdish)
Recent elections showed support for the HDP party
(Robins-Early, 2015)
Recent Changes in Governing Rule Erdogan took office in 2014
Corruption (Transparency International, 2015)
Bribe Index Rank: 19/28
Score: 7.5/10
Corruption Perception Index Rank: 64/175
Score: 45/100
OECD Anti-Bribery Convention Enforcement: Little
Control of Corruption Rank: 58%
Business Observations
? There may be some risks associated with the growing support of the HDP party. Erdogan is part of the AKP party
so the vote for parliamentary elections, which revealed a loss of support for the AKP, would mean a shift in
power in the next presidential race (Robins-Early, 2015).
? The Bribe Index for Turkey indicates there would be mild concerns for bribery, but the rating was last updated in
? The CPI of 45/100, updated in 2014, indicates a moderate chance for corruption in Turkey. Companies should be
aware and remain alert, but risks could be higher in other countries.
? The OECD Anti-Bribery Convention shows there is little support for combatting corruption. As a business, do not
expect much government support. The Control of Corruption rating supports this further by highlighting mild
? Establishing corporate policies and addressing issues of corruption within the organization is a first step. This
sets the example for all employees to follow. It is also important for organizations to be aware that bribery could
be a moderate issue and should be a consideration regarding competition.
Central Intelligence Agency. (2015). The world factbook: Turkey. Retrieved from
Robins-Early, N. (2015). Photos capture celebrations in Turkey after election results come in. The Huffington Post. Retrieved from
Transparency International. (2015). Corruption by country/territory: Turkey. Retrieved from
Governments’ influence over trade and economies should not be underestimated. You may see some connections between culture and political ideologies, which can have positive and negative effects. Let’s dive into the political and legal environment for your project country. In this discussion, you will work on the following critical elements: Government and Ideologies, and Corruption.

Using The World Factbook and current news reports, identify the following elements of government:
• Government type
• Political leader(s)
• Political pressure (or opposition) groups
• Recent changes in governing rule
Other risks include corrupt practices, which are also heavily influenced by culture. Use Transparency International to identify three measures of corruption. Consider a review of the following:
• Corruption Perception Index
• Enforcement
• Bribery measures
Discuss what these political risks mean for businesses. What challenges or opportunities might an organization recognize with regard to the government and corrupt practices in the region? How can an organization protect against these risks and prepare management for issues they might face?

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